Saturday, September 13, 2014

One day, someday... Someone to hold hands with Jazzercise in the middle of the road with Make silly faces together Fart in front of Explore new experiences with Grow and support Here's to my parents for being inspirational

Friday, September 12, 2014


On-going change is healthy for the body and soul...but how much, how radical and what can be changed? In the past few months many things have evolved in my life with some being rather dramatic whilst others have taken a slower pace. Physical change: I have re-joined the gym and in the past two weeks, I have already experienced gradual strength building in my muscles. I have gone from 3.5 push ups to 15! The muffin top I have been complaining about is also disappearing slowly. I have struggled with a few issues such as weight, feeling too short, eczema and asthma but finally doing something about it...I have more energy, am happier and don't feel like such a couch potato. Learning outcome: work hard and appreciate the body I have been blessed with. Listen to my body and the warning signs it provides. Mentally: I have finally been awarded an MBA specialising in Human Resources Management after 1.75 years! It's not so much the degree, it is that I have tried and given up so many times so easily on several things and have finally completed something. I quit university more times than I can remember and have never been very "academic" and learn much better on-the-job. I am glad to announce I am on the final semester of a Bachelor of Adult Learning & Development. Learning outcome: Find something that is challenging and of interest. Commit to it and be good at it. It is possible to do things if you put your mind to it and commit time and energy. I am halfway through my 24th year and this seems to be my midlife crisis. As of this point, I have no job, no Bachelor degree and have recently ended the most perfectly great relationship with my best friend of 5.5 years. After some reflection, many of my decisions have been made in haste and precious time has been wasted. People that matter have been neglected, study time wasted, money squandered. What have I learnt? Be good to those you care about, be kind, generous and supportive. Listen with empathy and view situations through more than one lens. Change is good but be aware of the consequences and make sure the change will make a better you. one is a mind reader.

Monday, June 16, 2014


California so far 2014 Sunnyvale 3 people said hi passing by cars all give way always friendly aside from when you take too long trying to figure out the coins Starbucks always has Wifi Met friendly columbian couple on the plane and helped them learn to use the tv Met a friendly New Yorker on the train Had devine fusion sushi Sake and jello shots Very sunny and easy to walk around (7 miles today) Life long friends drinking over Skype San Francisco People are in a rush Street Fairs Rolling steep hills Home-cooked pasta Took the bus Saw the usual touristy fisherman's wharf

Saturday, June 7, 2014


I took my first accounting class back in 2007 and I scraped a pass. Today, after returning to finally finish Uni Jan 2012, I actually read a chapter of the book and realized it isn't so bad after all. A=L+E I cannot believe after graduating from high school so long ago I would be on my final semester of school. I actually semi enjoy it and have learnt more in the past 2 years in formal institutes from classmates and conversations than I have from the text books. Many things have happened since I last wrote and I hope to continue and be more dedicated to this blog no matter how many people read it. These past 2 years have been very busy juggling full time work (Financial Planning and Banking) and full time study X 2 (Bachelor of Adult Learning & Development and MBA-HRM). I am sad to say I have resigned from my full time job in pursuit of more flexibility and to focus on this final stretch. Many good things have happened though and one thing I look forward to is my trip to the States to see family and celebrate a few marriages along the way. Slowly learning to be satisfied and appreciative of all the luck and love I have in my life.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday hump day. Feet in the hot tub. Doing homework. Watching princess diaries.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Darren R.I.P

A friend I knew from middle school passed away a few days ago. Going to the same school with Darren in a small class of 40-50, how did I not know him better? Random conversations, attended the year 9 banquet with him, he made me CD's and got me a necklace from a trip to Egypt with his family. I was really mean to him before as well. As the years went by and we went out separate ways, a few times we just missed each other on Uni trips and visits. He was always kind hearted and smiley. Darren passed away in a fatal car crash and his friend is in critical care, as our class is spread all around the world now only a few were able to attend. I wish I could have gone to pay my respects... Darren was the second youngest in our class with me being the last, our names are even similar but he was a much better person than me. Though in public he was on the quieter side, he could talk to anyone about anything once you said hello. I had yet to reply to his message but here is my reply now: Hi Darren, the movie was good I hope you got to see it. I have just seen the facebook messages and updates and I can't believe you are gone. I remember your smiley face and the cds you burnt me...I still listen to them. The banquet too gosh, I was so mean. I still have the necklace. Thank you for always being kind and lending a helping hand throughout the years we went to school. It was always nice to hear and catchup over our facebook messages. I am sorry you were in pain in the crash, I know you are being well taken care of now. Your talent, smile and kindness will be missed but not forgotten. Hug! F
What is a wedding? Who is it for? Everyone always makes it out to be a day for the bride and groom, but lately it seems they are for everyone else. This parent wants that, that parents want this. Wedding traditions, culture, blended. "We do it this way" "That is our tradition" Does it really matter? Two completely different people, mixing into a life-long partnership. They become their own little family and will have create their own traditions... Wedding is just to show the world and to celebrate their commitment in finding and choosing to be partners for life isn't it? I love weddings, every sing I was little I used to love to see the white dress, the flowers and of course the romance. Never did I realize all the trials the couple had gone through and will face ahead. Can't believe I used to think babies were made when a husband and wife slept in the same bed long enough it would just happen.